Clinics and Lectures

Sweater design

  • My speciality is to teach sweater design from A to Z, starting with an idea in mind working through the necessary steps to create a beautiful one of a kind garment. The emphasis is to teach the whole process of knitting a sweater from the scratch including sketching, measuring, calculating and making the sweater to fit perfectly.

Swatch knitting

  • Knitting swatches with various textures, and thickness. Can be used in sweater design.


  • The clinic focuses on teaching various techniques that are helpful in knitting. The focus is on making knitted garments look more professional, durable and finished.

Knitting for babies

  • Focuses on how to design and knit quality clothing for babies and children.

Designing and knitting socks, gloves and mittens

  • Focuses on how to knit well fitted and professional looking small knits.


  • If there is an interest in anything special I am perfectly willing to do my best to put together a good clinic


Knitting for babies is one of my favorites